Owners Mark and Don Haney

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Owners Mark and Don Haney Haney's Appledale Farm
Owners Mark and Don Haney
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About Haney's 

Haney's Appledale Farm is located in Nancy, Kentucky.  The farm has apple and peach orchards, roadside market, and a pie shop.  It is currently owned by brothers Mark and Don Haney. 


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The farm itself dates back to the late 1800s.  It has been passed down through five generations, the latest being Don and Mark. The two brothers were raised on the farm and learned first-hand experience from their late father, previous owner Lawrence Haney.

What's in a name?


Many often ask where the name "Appledale" comes from.  In the early 1900s, Lawrence's grandfather, Floyd Wilson, ran an apple and corn farm under the name "Cloverdale".  However, due to health reasons, he moved to Somerset, and Lawrence and his wife, Oreida, inherited the farm in 1944. 

Owners Mark and Marlene Haney, Oreida Haney, Don and Ann Haney
Don and Ann Haney, Oreida Haney, Mark and Marlene Haney

Lawrence and Oreida, at the ages of 19 and 22, respectively, moved to the apple farm with very little apple-growing experience.  However, they soon began the business as it is known today, especially when it comes to the name.


Seeing that the name "Cloverdale" did not really suit their business, Oreida decided to change the name of the apple farm to "Appledale", retaining part of its history.  Haney's Appledale Farm has been in operation ever since.



The Farm Today


Today, Haney's farm sprawls more than 450 acres in South Central Kentucky.  The family grows apples over 25 varieties of apples, ten varieties of peaches, pears, and nectarines on more than 70 acres. 


Haney's is still very much a family business, with family members coming in to work at the farm almost every weekend in the fall, its busiest season.  However, there is always something happening at the farm.  Whether it be apples in the fall, peaches in the summer, or pies all year, you're sure to have a great experience every time you come.


The family invites you to visit them!



Haney's Farm


Don (left) and Mark talk at the farm


Haney's is a Kentucky Proud member                       Haney's is a certified Roadside Farm Market

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